Waste is a Misconception

Concept Manifested by Natasha J. Hussein

For Loewe

Project Initiated in 2017

Why did we design this concept?

In the UK alone, we produce over 500,000 tonnes of waste coffee granules every year, which costs the industry roughly £50 million pounds a year in disposal. This project encouraged me to re-think the notion that materials should come from virgin resources; that coffee should only be used for taste, leading me to explore what other ways are open to us to create new materials for products used in our every day lives. How can the the products that we use in our every day life take waste out of the system? Thorough combining waste coffee granules with resin, this prototype was moulded at the bottom of a plastic water bottle to produce a material that is robust, beautiful and contributes to cleaning up the planet. 

Who is this table for?

This table was designed with the LVMH owned Spanish Luxury fashion house, Loewe in mind. We wanted to create a piece which integrated into their retail spaces. The intention was to use resources that are typically discarded from the waste coffee granules, the reclaimed gold with bio-resin to make something that is suitable piece for a luxury brand experience, whilst being a symbol of social development. 


These tables can be produced to bespoke dimensions with bespoke branding. They are particularly suitable for luxurious environments that want to retain the integrity of a fine quality experience whilst containing an object as a symbol of environmental consciousness. 


We accept commissions from private and business clients to create bespoke pieces out of waste, tailored to your unique environment. We will work closely with you to establish the materials and aesthetic of your piece.