Is there something more important than technology?

Life , Black Beirut

Life, Black Beirut

Having spent a lot of time in Tech City, I began to ask what was the point in technology other than to address a ‘gap in the market’, a field that if laboured in intensively, could yield someone a lot of money? Was the boom in British technological developments a reflection of an obvious working alternative after leaving a corporate job or was it a labour of true love? Is the government drive to train young people in coding more about economic growth or about the happiness of our youth and their ability to make healthy choices as adults? Though I believe in the magic, charm and power of technological evolution, I sometimes feel as it there is something more important than technology for the sake of technology, and that is thinking about the true purpose of the things that we are making, the heart behind it (whether your own heart and passion — which is incredibly important) or a desire to see something different in a way.Perhaps then we can think a bit beyond the technology and understand a bit more about whether there are other ‘ingredients’ that could be more essential to the meal we are trying to make. 

Words by Natasha J. Hussein