Social Learning

bh1 , Graphite on Paper, Emma McNally

bh1, Graphite on Paper, Emma McNally

As I progress in my journey as a maker, I have decided that I am going to share a daily note which will be followed by a weekly newsletter that details my observations as I learn, make and explore. You can expect the notes on Monday - Friday each week (with the exception of this week where you will hear from me today and tomorrow - getting the momentum going over the weekend!) I will publish them under the Daily Note section on the Journal part of my website as well as on Facebook. Although the process of 'making' is often considered a personal journey, one in which an individual undertakes the act of 'mastering a craft,' I feel that it is also a social journey, an activity that is as much about those who made it as it is about those who will use it even more so. I also believe that the observation of others are also helpful so I hope and I would love for you to join in the conversation. 

Words by Natasha J. Hussein