The Mission

Laboratory.Education exists to bring more joy and meaning to the experience a student has of their schooling and to help prepare them for what could lie ahead in their professional lives. We aim to leverage our knowledge of Design, Science and Technology to cultivate intrinsic fascination and educate a young person in the context of their wider community, culture and the environment. We believe that young people will benefit from learning how different, ideas, fields and cultures collide and how all living things are interconnected. The vision is to create a world in which young people are intrinsically motivated, inspired and equipped with the tools to contribute to environmental and social progress, in a way that is true to them and makes them happy


Despite the value of standardised testing, it can sometimes be challenging to dedicate energy to encouraging students to embrace free thought, exploration and creativity. Students may not be exposed to the fascinating ways that Science is combined with Art, and vice versa. In addition, as the Fourth Industrial Revolution is now in full swing, the opportunities open to young people are changing, with social media giving them a platform to share their passions with the world and digitisation changing the job roles available in the future. And as The Future of Jobs Report, published by the World Economic Forum shows, the shifting landscape gives rise to different core competencies being favoured by employers in 2020, relative to 2015. We see that 'creativity' moves from 10th place in 2015 to 3rd place by 2020 and 'emotional intelligence' being the 6th most favoured competency in 2020, something which does not even feature on the 2015  top 10 list. Constant standardised testing can stifle creativity and emotional intelligence is not a skill schools take responsibility for building. 

What steps have we taken?

Through private one-on-one tuition and tuition in small groups, Founder Natasha Hussein, uses her knowledge in Design, Science and Technology to help her students to deepen their understanding of themselves, the Sciences and the changing world that we live in. In doing so, she not only has a track record of helping young people exceed their expectations of themselves in Biology, Chemistry and Physics exams at GCSE and at 13+ entry to some of Britain's most competitive private schools, but inspires them to think in new ways, exposing them to fascinating ideas they would not otherwise encounter. 

Natasha has also produced 'The Joy of Learning 2017 - A Short Guide to Inspiring Educational Experiences' to raise awareness around the activities, opportunities and products that can help young people experience the Sciences in ways that schools might find more challenging to do. The guide can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.