Why do we work across disciplines? 

Get a Grip , Resa Rot   What are the components of a visceral experience?

Get a Grip, Resa Rot

What are the components of a visceral experience?

We work across disciplines because we see design work as a vehicle to transform lives. We are interested not in one segment of life but in the experience of life which is complex, multi-sensory and multi- object. We are interested not in isolated occurrences but multi- point interactions.  Our design work is simply a vehicle through which we hope to improve life, bit by bit, whether it be helping people to think more critically, to try out a new perspective, become more aware, experience more joy or connect more deeply. We also love the thrill of making unusual connections, keeping our thinking challenged and fresh, but also allowing us to serve in a more impactful way. 

Our work is solely the process of mastering bringing ideas to life, even if the exact manifestation of those ideas looks different. Our emphasis is on the process, dedicating ourselves to bringing our full spirit and attention to creating for our customers and clients. 

We also feel that it is important to leverage our knowledge as we go along, which is why we work with young people to inspire them to create and to stimulate their thinking in a way that conventional education can fall short. 

Words by Natasha J. Hussein