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Beyond the Obvious

The Internet has created an environment of extensive connectivity and creativity. It has also elevated the value of attention as a traded currency. Due to this we have seen the rise of the 140 character tweet and media outlets writing online content designed for easy consumption, engagement and clicks. This inspired us to create a scarf that celebrates looking beyond what is most visible to us, taking the time to appreciate the nuances of a story, subject or even one's life in order to open us up to new perspectives and fascinating insights that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.  

This piece embodies looking beyond the obvious — the image was captured on black and white film by photographer Adam Lee and developed by his own hands — an image of the interaction between a simple sculpture and light become the basis of a complex pattern of undulating curves and the play of bright and subtle illumination. We see that the brightest areas are interconnected to different levels of light. The whole print reveals more of itself the longer you study it, showing that a single glance of what is obvious, is insufficient to appreciate its complexity and true beauty.  

Available in black, blue and burgundy. 

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