The Purpose

Valuing the process as much as the product

The Art of Process is a documentation of the activities behind Laboratory of London. Our intention with The Art of Process is to make documenting the evolutionary journey an art also. It is a way to pay attention to each step and each micro transformation in pursuit of excellence in our craft. In a time when technology has meant that automation, quantification and pursuit of profit has ruined our patience and encouraged the worship of the end result, we are attempting to highlight that there is an entire Universe within everything that we make, from the understanding of material structure and pigments to produce physical objects that last, to experimentation with different technologies and perspectives to help our work enrich more peoples lives, right to the stories of the countless individuals that have interacted with everything that we make — all of these moments, all of this energy, all of this love is invested into serving others through our creative efforts. We believe that this process is as beautiful as the end result and through our documentation, we hope to share that beauty with you.