How do my actions impact others?

Flowers,  The Flower Book

Flowers, The Flower Book

At its core, looking after the environment is much more essential than sustainability or caring for mother Earth. Respecting your environment means asking yourself, how do my actions impact those I share this ‘space’, ‘object’ or facility with? That starts with where you are today — this could be your home, your office or your gym. The action could be as small as putting a towel on a wet floor to prevent others from slipping, it could mean putting someone else’s rubbish in the bin so that someone else doesn’t have to do it (even if its not ‘your job’), it could mean making a request for a particular facility on behalf of your community so that everyone’s experience is a lot more pleasant. That is where beauty begins and ends — in unconditional kindness and thoughtfulness for the experience of others. We can all contribute. It is not exclusive to one particular area. And when we do, with this attitude, we find that our spaces are indeed a lot more beautiful and more full of love. When we have this attitude, it is only natural that we will ask the same questions in our work — how does my work contribute to the quality of the experience of someone else’s life? What materials should I choose that is most considerate to the process and product? When we shift our focus from fear to love, we move from self to other. When we move from self to other, everyone benefits. This is at the core of creating and maintaining beauty.

Words by Natasha J. Hussein