On creativity being a collective responsibility

Unknown , Eibatova Karina

Unknown, Eibatova Karina

I feel that great creative work is not just the responsibility of the ‘maker’, it is also the responsibility of the person that commissioned it. It is their responsibility to understand the difference between good, great and world class work. It is their responsibility to understand the cultural context in which they are asking this work to be created. And, at the very least, even if they do not know, it is their responsibility to ask the right questions to equip them with the knowledge that they need to make more impactful work along with a creative person they have hired. The reason why so much of environment looks the same and some of the reason individuals abandon creative careers is that in a lot of cases they are restricted by the vision (or lack of) of the client. It is time for us to shift the conversation from how can we do this on time and on budget to how can I get your best work out of you and you get your best work out of me/us? What does best work look like with the time frame and budget that we have? What are the social implications of the work that we are doing? How can we create impactful aesthetic and social impact?

Words by Natasha J. Hussein