On unlearning the word ‘problem’

What is your problem? , Robot Tiger

What is your problem?, Robot Tiger

Solving a human ‘problem’ is what is commonly spoken of as a motivation to create a product, service or system. I used to think to myself where does beauty, aesthetic and memorable experience come into this? How do restaurants fit into this? Or hotels? Or museums? Is not being able to get Mexican food in my neighbourhood a problem? No. The average person will not die if there isn’t a brilliant Mexican restaurant outside their front door. What about fashion? Craft? Music? Literature?  Just because there is abundance does not mean that one should not create in any one of these spaces — in fact I believe that we need all of these things. We need art just as much as we need technology to solve individual isolated problems; we need to beauty, art and experiences that take people to another world, just as much as we need routine. Though perhaps we could try blend the two — make technology more artful; make being in another world and having a memorable experience as part of our everyday routine — maybe this is how we improve life. 

Words by Natasha J. Hussein