On the limitations of language

Each word we use has emotional connotations. Each word we use has a past, a present and will have a future. That history and the emotional connotations associated with it get tied up in human perception, that perception drawing us towards doing something or away from others. The word, doctor, accountant and engineer are the three only favourable occupations in some countries. In another case, what it means to ‘design’ might bring up certain processes, or skills predetermined by what it meant in the past. It might also seem that this word is associated only with a certain group of people. But what happens if we lose that concept? What can an accountant get from art or a chef from science? I have come to learn that although I can honour past processes and the wisdom that it teaches but that there is plenty of wisdom in the present, both in terms of what is needed now and will be valuable in the future and how I feel I would like to do it. 

Words by Natasha J. Hussein