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Philosophy of Design - Summer Party

The Philosophy of Design - Summer Party, is an opportunity to connect with one another over of the question of 'what is the purpose of creativity today?' It is an opportunity to look beyond the 'labels' that society has given to certain roles, take a look at how we can do meaningful creative work, where creative thinking has come from and not just where it could head, but where we could we take it? 

Join us for an outdoor meal, champagne to toast to the summer and to the creative possibilities. 

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Chemistry for design — Biomimetics for Creative Minds

Chemistry for Design — Biomimetics for Creative minds is an introduction to applying natures principles scientific principles in creating products, services and experiences that are charming, finely crafted and socially relevant for the luxury industry. Biomimicry is the process of applying natures principles to creative practice, whatever form that practice may take. The understanding of scientific principles will help creative people ask new questions; what can we learn from nature of how to create a seamless interaction between guests and a waiting staff? How do we create fashion that changes image upon position? How do I ask the right questions to ensure to a science or technology specialist

Why is this important? There are two core reasons why this is important. Firstly, as we run low on resources it is important that we think a bit more about the social implications of our creative actions, for what ever we put out into the world takes something out also. Secondly, the subtle and intelligent integration of aesthetic and science is a beautiful way of enhancing the the relationship our community has with creations and with each other. 

Who this is for? This is event is catered to the both creators and consumers within the luxury sector. Individuals who want to create and consume for social reform. 

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