Our reason for Being

Super Imaginary is a family of creative professionals on a mission to restore the aliveness, colour and vibrancy to everyday life. We believe that life is precious, worth celebrating and that love is at the core of all that is good. We see beauty is an expression of love. We believe beauty can be intelligent, inventive and sensual. We believe beauty, fun and joy nourishes the human spirit. Beauty brings order where there is chaos; light where there is darkness; love where there is fear. Beauty considers quality of life and asks that we get the most done whilst doing no harm. Beauty brings us back to ourselves and requires integrative, inclusive thinking.  

Super Imaginary has a vision that life can be beautiful for everyone. That every part of our lives can be a living, breathing, work of art. A world that is full of inspiration, magic in the everyday. Our mission is bring more pleasure, colour and sensuality to our everyday experiences — whether it be dressing, studying or passing through the airport.