Sharing our Art with Heart

  2017 Laboratory c/o Natasha J. Hussein Correspondence cards , by Papier

  2017 Laboratory c/o Natasha J. Hussein Correspondence cards, by Papier

The first e-mail entered substantial use in the 1960's and since then has been eroding our use of paper based communication. Though email has allowed us to communicate much faster, it has reduced our inclination towards personalisation, beauty and charm. It has also reduced our patience for something that is thoughtful and well crafted. 

I personally get a deep pleasure from personalisation, communicating in a way that is not about quantity or 'doing something to get it done' but creating a meaningful connection with the other party, to celebrate what is unique to that individual or team whilst infusing the experience of communicating with creativity, colour and fun. And though I will not abandon the e-mail, I endeavour to fill all Laboratory communication with as much art and heart as possible. 

Words by Natasha J. Hussein